Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Promoting Students To Be Lifelong Learners

I have spent way too much time away from blogging and reflecting on what I do and learn everyday. Now that the hectic portion of my year is over I am going to devote much more time to my blogging which I had gotten away from over the course of the past two months.
Today I came across an interesting post by David Warlick on his 2 Cents Worth blog - "10 Ways to Promote Learning Lifestyle in Your School" As an instructor I am always asking students what they learned last hour or what I personally read or saw on t.v. to help promote student engagement and a desire to be lifelong learners within my students. As an administrator I think I would want to take this a step further and promote it within my building. Some of the ideas that David Warlick proposes are excellent ways to promote student learning within the building. What are we as educators doing to promote and encourage a learning lifestyle within our buildings and homes?

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